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Reliability is our strength

Oil-free compressor solutions for railway applications

Dürr Technik is your specialist for oil and maintenance free piston compressors. Especially in rail transport, it is important that the products meet the highest demands of reliability and durability. Safety is the first priority. Therefore original equipment suppliers have been utilising our high-quality and compact product solutions for many years.

Each train has its own characteristics with individual requirements. For this reason, together with our customers we develop the optimal solution and manufacture tailor made products.

Oil-free auxiliary compressor applications for railway vehicles:

  1. Pantograph
  2. Railroad sanding
  3. Wheel fl ange lubrication
  4. Toilet evacuation systems and toilet door control
  5. Signal horn activation
  6. Spring-operated brakes
  7. Support of the compensating air for service vehicles
  8. Receiver systems for sand fi lling

The following examples show product solutions that we have developed exclusively for respective customers:

1. Supplying individual system solutions

For raising the pantograph, we manufacture complete
auxiliary air compressor systems as one package, customized
to meet the individual customer requirements.

2. Multi-functional auxiliary air compressor systems

This system is used for several applications. It provides high quality compressed air for sanding, flange lubrication, horn and toilet door control. Tests, such as electromagnetic compatibility according to EN50121-3-2, vibration and shock test according to EN61373, salt spray test etc., were successfully completed.

Innovative oil-free compressor technology with key advantages:

  • Oil-free means trouble-free
    There is no need for checking the oil level and changing oil. The costs for fi lter and disposal of waste oil can be saved. Maintenance is virtually unnecessary. Functions are not impaired by oil vapours.
  • Low LCC
    The high quality materials used, ensure minimum amount of wear and therefore is a guarantee for an extremely long lifespan of the components and a very little demand for spare parts.
  • Innovative motor concepts
    Customized especially for railway application.
  • XT-Models
    Available with up to 20.000 operating hours lifetime.
  • Low noise level and noise transmission
  • Extremely reliable
    Oversized components and keeping the tightest tolerances are major aspects of our design. These are tested and verifi ed under the harshest conditions.
  • Since 2009 Dürr Technik has been certified according to IRIS


Free air
flow at
0 bar
Rating Data Weight Dimensions
  (l/min) (bar) dB(A) IP P1 (W) (A) (V) (kg) LxWxH (mm)
with DC Motor                
D-040 40 7 61 20 192 9 24 DC 6,0 242x121x175
D-061 61 7 68 54 400 3,7 110 DC 7,0 245x133x190
D-100 100 8 68 54 715 6,5 110 DC 20,5 368x176x292
DG-160 160 7 68 56 910 38 24 DC 16 366x276x154
DG-180 180 2 69 56 910 38 24 DC 16 392x276x157
with 3 phase motor
B-065 65 7 68 54 650 1,3 400 14 257x166x218
B-160 160 10 72 54 1400 5,4 / 3,1 230/400 26 423x350x300
B-304 295 10 77 54 2200 7,6 / 4,5 230/400 47 620x350x315

* other voltages on request


  • Ambient temperature range from -50°C up to +70°C (application specific solutions available on request)
  • Customized solutions provided for mounting the compressor where space is specifi ed or available, for added flexibility
  • Compressor systems can be fi tted with adsorption or membrane dryers
  • Modular system solutions include systems designed with and without enclosure


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