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Point-of-use drying with oil-free compressed air

Soundproofed SAS compressor unit

In many applications around the laboratory and in various manufacturing and installation processes, some manual preparation is of key importance. F rom blowing off dust particles to drying up water droplets from optics and other components and pedite their use and reuse in a particular application, are j ust some of the possibilities. Unfortunately the growing demand for compressed air many times cannot be satisfied by the facility due to cost, approvals or when frequent relocation of the air source is needed. Our Silent Air System offers a suitable an effective solution.

Your benefits:

  1. extremely low noise level with soundproofed enclosure
  2. easy to handle
  3. plug-and-play oil-free compressor system
  4. built-in pressure regular for quick adjustment
  5. fine filter to supply high quality air
  6. maintenance-free compressor
  7. durable enclosure that cleans easily
  8. the SAS is designed to be versatile, and cna be used in various other applications by exchanging attachments


Thanks for the eceptionally compact design, the SAS may even fit into an isting cabinet to save valuable space in the room. A carrying handle is built into the enclosure to facilitate easy relocation. The SAS for Point-Of-U se undusting and drying applications is q uipped with a fine filter and an air gun with hose, as standard accessories. An optional nozzle kit is available to accomodate a wide array of applications.


Nozzle kit for SAS system for various drying, undusting and other applications

Nozzle kit for SAS system for various drying, undusting and other applications

from left to right

Record nozzle for syringes and cannulae with Record cone
Pipette nozzle for measuring and blood pipettes
Conical nozzle for catheters, valves etc.
Drainage nozzle for drainage tubings
Luer-Loc nozzle for syringes and cannulae with Luer cone
Spray nozzle for rinsing out glassware etc.
Bottle rinsing nozzle for bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks
Water jet pump for suction cleaning

The nozzle kit with 8 nozzles is delievered on a stable storage rack for mounting on the wall. All nozzles are kept within easy reach.

Each nozzle is also available separately.



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